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Airless Fight

(2008) Compac Disc (cd) Jewell box


“Fight” is a more direct release than its predecessors and lyrically is a much more personal affair with vocalist Iñaki Lazkano’s words stemming from personal experience. The guitar work of Robert Rodrigo is as impressive as ever, being a veritable feast of guitar tricks and meaty hook filled riffs and a must hear for fans of Eddie Van Halen, Vito Bratta and Neal Schon. “Fight” is another display of guitar greatness from one of Spain’s leading rock guitar authorities.

Airless also have the skills of rhythm section members Pako Martinez (drums) and Miguel Manjón (bass) who power the music along with solidity and authority. Fans of bands such as Harem Scarem and modern day Whitesnake will find much to enjoy on the bands third album.

In addition to the albums 11 tracks, there is the added bonus of a video clip for “Now Or Never”.

(2008) Lion Music 

Airless Fight

9,99 €Price
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