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Robert Rodrigo Bio

Robert Rodrigo is a Spanish guitarist from Vizcaya. At the age of 7 he began playing Spanish guitar, at 14 he started learning electric guitar, and at eighteen he was already playing on several bands and writing his own songs, including "La Primera", achieving more and more exposure. At the age of 24 he signed his first recording contract with the label Evolution Records, releasing his first album "Robert R. Rodrigo".

In January 2002 he started the band Airless, and they quickly signed with Vinny Records. Their debut self-titled abum was released in June, distributed throughout Europe, Canada and Japan. A year later he contributed to the double disc compilation "Singing to the World", in memory of those killed in the bombing of the Twin Towers in 2001.

In August 2005 Robert signed a contract with the brand Ibanez instruments, becoming their endorser. Airless released their second album titled "2nd Round" on the Finnish label Lion Music, one of the most important rock record labels on those dates. That same year Airless went on tour introducing the album and opening for bands such as Dare or Riot.

In September 2006, Robert recorded the song "Space Antz" together with producer and guitarist Carlos Creator, and the song becomes part of the compilation album "The Alchemists II - 15 Tracks Of Total Guitar Wizardry" which also featured other

world-class guitar players, released by the British label Liquid Note Records the following year.


In May 2008 he released his first instrumental album, "Half finger on the moon", and signed for Orange amps and Dimarzio as their endorser. Later in September, Airless releases their third album titled "Fight".In September 2009 Robert was hired for Ernie Ball, one of the world's leading manufacturer of premium guitar strings.


On March 9, 2012, coinciding with the anniversary of the tsunami that hit Japan, Robert Rodrigo participated in the EP "Help for japan", a project by Tommy Heart (Soul Doctor, Fair Warning), gathering a lot of friends to record a version of "Help!" by The Beatles. That very same month saw also the release of Robert's second instrumental album, "Wrath", on the American label Grooveyard Records.Airless released their fourth studio album titled "Changes" again on the Finnish label Lion Music


In February 2013 Airless released 'Changes', touring with artists such as Jeff Scott Soto, Harem Scarem and playing festivals as Rock Legends, North Metal, etc...


In January 2014 Airless release their 15th anniversary album "Best of & Rarities" on the label Melodic Rock Records.


In 2015 Robert participated in a trilogy of albums for Lion Music, dedicated to great composers of classical music, Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi, where he adapts the following pieces:

1-Robert Rodrigo - Brandenburg Concerto No 4 Andante Bwv 1049 (JS Bach)from the album "Lion Music presents: Johann Sebastian Bach - Interpretations" (departure January 23)

2-Robert Rodrigo - Eine Kleine Nachtmusic Movt 4 (WA Mozart)from the album "Lion Music Presents: WA Mozart - Reincarnated" (date July 17)

3-Robert Rodrigo - Storm At Sea (A.Vivaldi)


Airless record a new ep, It's released on 15 January 2016, including their single "Hey Money" with over 40,000 views on youtube. 


Robert Rodrigo played in the Guitar Gods Festival, celebrated in Miami on February 19th 2016, with many of the best musicians in the world on this genre (Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Gus G, Nicko MacBrain, Rudy Sarzo...)

In november 2018 Robert Rodrigo Band released "Living For Louder" with singer Johnny Gioeli.

This march 18th 2022, Robert Rodrigo releases a new instrumental album 'Brainstorming,' fith studio album on his solo career.


RR_STORM split1.png


(2022) Demons Records



       Living For Louder

            (2018) RRB


  (2011) Grooveyard Records

    Half Finger On The Moon

  (2007) Grooveyard Records

         Robert R. Rodrigo

  (2000) Evolution Records


(2023) Legado De Una Tragedia - Aquelarre De Sombras

(2023) Abel Sequera - Soundscapes

(2019) Joseph Haydn - Reworks

(2017) Coffeinne - Circle Of Time

(2017) G.F.Handel - Baroque Passion

(2017) L.V.Beethoven - Ode To Perfection

(2016) Antonio Vivaldi - A New Season
(2015) Azzurro Brutal History
(2015) W.A. Mozart - Reincarnated

(2015) Johann Sebastian Bach - Interpretations

(2014) Xtasy - Revolutions

(2014) Homo Demen - Abstract Disorder

(2013) Angel Ruiz - Aflicciones Curativas

(2012) Help For Japan

(2012) Aor For Japan

(2012) Xader - Xader

(2011) Embrace The Sun

(2007) Bilborock 10 Urte

(2005) The Alchemist II



Portada 15.jpg


          (2021)  RRR


  Omens Of Nosferatu

         (2020)  RRR

portada 2.jpg

  Waltz Of The Flowers

         (2019)  RRR

With Airless

               Make It Right

        (2016) Self Production


        (2008) Lion Music

              Best Of & Rarities

       (2016) Melodick Rock  R.

                 2nd Round

           (2005) Lion Music


        (2013) Lion Music


      (2002) Vinny Records


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