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Show & Master Class

Dec 08, Teatro Del Seminario (Zamora)

On December 8, Robert Rodrigo is performing at the new edition of the FHLIM Hispanic Portuguese Music Industry Fair held in Zamora!! At 12:30 am Clinic and at 7:30 pm Concert by the Robert Rodrigo Band, both at them at the Teatro Del Seminario. See you there, Rock on!!




🌈 Let yourself be carried away by the musical rainbow! 🌈


The highly anticipated single by Robert Rodrigo, "Rainbow Road," is here to brighten your day with its sonic magic!


🎸 The Guitar: Robert Rodrigo once again captivates us with his skill and feelin' on the six strings, creating melodies that will transport you to a world full of emotions.


🎤 Miguel Manjon on bass: adds spectacular richness to the rhythmic foundation and a groove that will remind and transport you to the golden eras of the 70s and 80s, taking the musical experience to another level.


🌟Music That Moves: The notes, chords, and sonic labyrinth of "Rainbow Road" will take you on an emotional journey, touching your heart and making you connect with every note.


🔥 A Unique Experience: It's not just a song; it's an experience. Get ready to be swept away by a whirlwind of emotions and sounds that only a musician of Robert Rodrigo's caliber...See more

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Robert Rodrigo - Invasion (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Live Dates 

11 Nov
Stage Live / Bilbao

08 Dec
Teatro Del Seminario / Zamora

Robert Rodrigo surprises us this time with his adaptation of one of the songs which is part of the soundtrack of the mythical movie of 1922 "Nosferatu". An exciting mix between the dark world of vampires and the strong artistic personality of Robert.

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