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New album

It's already here!! the amazing Robert Rodrigo new album 'Brainstorming'. Featuring 10 songs filled with energy, melody and a lot of feeling!! don't miss this new work where Robert and his bandmates showing their incredible potential  and will inmerse you in a universe of sensations.

Robert Rodrigo - Guitar, Drums & Keyboards

Miguel Manjon - Bass

Pako Martinez - Live Drums

Joan Pau Cumellas - Harmonica in Grandmama


Rock Till Dawn

Robert plays on his YouTube channel 'Rock Till Dawn' song from the brand new latest album 'Brainstorming', don't misss this incredible piece!!

Anchor 1

Robert Rodrigo - Invasion (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Live Dates 

11 Nov
Stage Live / Bilbao

Robert Rodrigo surprises us this time with his adaptation of one of the songs which is part of the soundtrack of the mythical movie of 1922 "Nosferatu". An exciting mix between the dark world of vampires and the strong artistic personality of Robert.

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